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Personal Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation Services in richmond hill, queens, ny

Personal Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation Services in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY

If you’ve been a victim of a personal injury accident, your foremost priority should be to seek our chiropractic care for high-quality treatment as soon as possible. Personal injury most commonly happens after a car and motor vehicle accident or worker’s compensation injuries.

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is legal jargon that references any injury to someone’s person rather than their property. Personal injury law seeks to compensate the victim for the defendant’s intentional actions that have caused harm to the plaintiff.

Why Should One See a Chiropractor After a Personal Injury Accident?

Seeing a chiropractor immediately following an accident greatly improves your chances to recover full mobility in your joints as well as significantly lessens your chances of sustaining long-lasting soft tissue damage. This is true even if you don’t immediately experience pain in a personal injury.

Chiropractic physicians are the most sought-out practitioners by victims of personal injury because of their array of physical medicine services (chiropractic, physiotherapy) as well as their ability to coordinate diagnostic imaging and medical referral when necessary.

Your chiropractic treatment can determine what type of monetary compensation you receive from your lawsuit, as well as your overall wellbeing and recovery time. The insurance company responsible for your financial compensation will evaluate the treatment you receive, which is why it is incredibly important for you to choose a chiropractor with an excellent reputation of providing unrivaled treatment and care. Our offices are preferred providers for many local attorneys.

At First Class Medical, PC, in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY, our personal injury treatment rehabilitation services experts will focus on restoring your mobility and strengthening your muscles so that your entire body is stable again. It’s very common for personal injury accidents to affect the spine of the neck and back. Even if you present with no symptoms now, your chiropractic assessment will determine how you are treated to avoid complications in the future.

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