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Who is a neurologist?

A doctor who specializes in treating disorders of the nervous system is called a neurologist. The central and peripheral nervous systems are the two parts of human nervous system. Including the brain and spinal cord. Diseases, disorders, and injuries that affect the nervous system often require treatment and care by a neurologist.

What do neurologists do?

Neurologists treat and manage neurological conditions or problems in the nervous system. Symptoms that usually require a neurologist include:

Neurology services

During your first appointment with a neurologist, we will perform a physical exam and a neurological exam.

To test your muscle strength, reflexes, and coordination, neurological.examinations are done on the human body. Because different conditions can have similar symptoms, more tests may be needed to make a diagnosis.

A neurologist can recommend several methods to diagnose or treat a disease. This procedure can include:

Unlike EMG, EEG usually causes no discomfort. Before the test, the technician places electrodes around the scalp that looks like a small cup. When a small charge in the brain is measured with electrodes, technicians make changes in the environment to measure brain signals such as B. different lighting or noise.

As with EMG, you should avoid stimulants the day before the test. You can also expect the EEG to last an hour. Sometimes the test is done while you are sleeping.

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