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Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is usually the result of tension, strain, or injury. Common causes of back pain are:

Activities that can cause tension or cramping include:

Torn intervertebral disc:

Each vertebra in the spine is removed by an intervertebral disc. When the disc ruptures, more pressure is put on the nerves, leading to back pain.

Protruding disc:

Similar to a disc that is torn, the disc that protrudes can put more pressure on the nerve.


Sharp, stabbing pain in the buttocks and instep caused by a protruding or herniated disc pressing on a nerve.


Osteoarthritis can cause joint problems in the hips, lower back, and other areas. The space around the spinal cord narrows in some cases. This is known as spinal stenosis.

Abnormal curvature of the spine:

If the spine bends unusually, back pain may develop. An example is a scoliosis, where the spine bends to one side.


Bones, including the spine, become brittle and porous, making compression fractures more likely.

Kidney problems:

Sometimes s back pain can be caused due to kidney stones and infractions.

Movement and posture:

Sitting in a very hunched position while using the computer can cause an increase in back and shoulder problems over time.

Type of diagnosis

The chiropractor diagnoses by touch or palpation and visual inspection. Chiropractic is known as a hands-on approach, with an emphasis on the correction of the spinal joints. A chiropractor may also want to see scanned images and blood and urine tests.

Osteopaths also diagnose by palpation and visual inspection. Slow, rhythmic stretches, known as mobilization, pressure, or indirect techniques, and manipulation of joints and muscles, all combine with osteopathy.

Physical therapists focus on diagnosing problems with the joints and soft tissues of the body.

Treatments of back pain provided at First Class Medical in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY:

To prevent back pain from recurring patients are encouraged to practice this technique regularly even after the pain has subsided. First Class Medical in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY is here to help. Call us at (718) 805-2000 "OR" Book your appointment today!

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