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At First Class Medical PC, we strive to protect the health and safety of our patients, staff and providers. We specialize in Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Adjustments, Acupuncture, Motor Vehicle Accidents Injury and much more.

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art training equipment, complete lines of cardiovascular fitness, and modalities. Our highly trained physical therapists offer the individual attention and personalized care required to enable the fastest return to optimum health and function, utilizing the latest medical technology and treatment techniques. The environment is friendly, supportive, and comfortable. Our goal is to teach, motivate, and inspire people to lead a better physical lifestyle, whether it’s functioning well in day-to-day activities, or competing in professional sports.

Physical therapy is a noninvasive form of orthopedic care that can relieve pain and improve movement. Physical therapy is used to treat ongoing or recurring conditions and to stimulate the healing process after an injury or surgical procedure. It can also prevent or delay disability.


Do you struggle with pain, lack of motivation, decreased range of motion, or would you like to improve your health and function?


We will do our best to motivate, treat, challenge and get you back in shape. Our goal is to help you reach your goals whether they relate to being pain-free or reaching a new level of fitness.


We believe a large part of physical therapy is prehab. Why see us once you’re in pain instead of seeing to prevent pain in the first place? Not only do we treat problems that already exist but also aim to educate and improve function with proper movement screens

Our Clients Reviews & Testimonials

First Class Medical" was very helpful to me, the staff treated me very well and were kind and friendly. They know what they are doing and are very professional. If you need physical therapy for any reason I would highly recommend them.
Umida Isaeva
Everybody is so nice, compassionate, loving,caring,devoted,competent, polite and professional.they treat their clients with love, respect and dignity. They combine physical therapy and acupuncture together to make your treatment more efficient
My experience with First Class Medical PC has been wonderful. The Staff are very respectful, helpful and kind. They also have specialists like Orthopedics, Neurologist and Pain Management, who have been very helpful in my treatment and recovery. In addition, the office also provides me with transportation to and from their office. I would highly recommend First Class Medical PC. Dr. Ushyarov and his staff really care for their patients.
Carmen Rodriguez
The staff is very pleasant, that includes everyone. The front desk personnel are very polite. The therapist is kind and gentle when taking care of you, even when it hurts they are nice about it. This is a great place for treatment.

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